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Best Alloy Division


The base of this division is the experience of our President, Ing. Mauro Valla, in specialty alloy fields, acquired over a period of 30 years working in important manufacturing companies as manager and general manager in charge of production ( melting, hot and cold rolling, drawing, etc. ), marketing, logistics. sales in the domestic and international markets, research and development and quality assurance.
The business of the division for Europe is relating to the following products:

- FeCrAl wire and ribbon (CHROM)

- NiCr and NiCrFe wire and ribbon (CHRONIK)

- Stainless steel wire and ribbon, Ni - NiCr – NiCrFe – NiCu – FeNi alloys

- Sic

- components for electrical and optic fibre fire resistant cables: mica tape

- mica papers for heating elements

- diamond wire drawing die blanks

- wire for thermocouples and extension cables

- glass fibre tape

- bentonite

- silica gel

- products for foundry

- termoplastic elastomer in polyester

This range of products, characterised by quality, competitive prices, prompt and on time delivery, meets the market needs.
The inuous search for best products and the technical collaboration with the staff of European and Chinese companies are key strategic factors for EOS